Campingtrip nach Cres, Kroatien

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Vor drei Jahren fuhren meine Freundin und ich nach Cres, Kroatien. Die Fotos und Videos von unserem Sommerurlaub schlummerten bis jetzt auf meiner Festplatte. Nachdem ich momentan wieder einen Campingurlaub vorbereite (diesmal geht es nach Norwegen), dachte ich, dass ich doch mal die angestauten Urlaubsfotos entstauben sollte und diesen kleinen Blogbeitrag für euch schreibe. Die [...]


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Well... Thailand is so touristic but still a good spot if you wanna have fun, go diving and enjoy life. During my stay I met some really nice people, went to the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, went diving in Koh Tao, and did some climbing as well in Ton Sai and Railay which [...]

Phototour @ Danube Canal

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Two weeks ago my friend Katharina and I did a little photo walk along the Danube Canal in Vienna. She turned out to be not only a good photographer but also a lovely model. As I had so many pictures of the area alongside the canal already I rather took some shots of her instead. [...]

The Neverending Story…

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... of stupid people that beat up others (in this case me) without any reason: After the South Africa in Colours Festival we moved on to a musicology students' party. Well, the party was pretty cool until I got punched in the face. I was just standing there and have no reason why that guy [...]

Central Cemetery

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On Friday my couch surfers and I visited Vienna's Central Cemetery. During our stay a thunderstorm came up - heavy wind, rain, thunder and lightning... what a perfect setting for taking pictures! We went to the old Jewish part of the cemetery where - over the years - nature took over. As all other visitors [...]

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