Last weekend it was quite rainy here in Austria. As there wasn’t much going on I used my spare time to experiment a little… I had this picture in mind with fresh fruits popping into water in front of a clear white backdrop. So I started to put the little pieces needed together:

I knew we would have an old aquarium somewhere in the basement. When I found it it was in really bad shape. Dead spiders, glue residue and dust covered its surface. But after some intense cleaning it actually looked quite nice (except the scratches). I used one of my reflectors as a backdrop, placed the aquarium on top of some self made work benches and was almost good to go.

I used the Nikon D810 SLR, the wonderful 70-200mm 2.8 lens and two Nikon speedlights (SB600 and SB910) which were covered against the spilling water. To illuminate the background and capture the action without blur I went for my trusted Mini Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 for high speed flash synchronization. The rest was just experimenting with the timing and a remote trigger for the camera. Here are two BTS shots of the setup:

After getting all the shots I wanted I did some quick adjustments in LR and stitched the images together manually in PS. This is the final result (the original file has around 120 MP):

Fresh Fruits

Not bad for the first attempt, is it?! If you wonder how those single images look like, here is a selection: