A friend of mine sent me a picture of a wild poppies field last week. I asked her if she wanted to go back there and take a couple of pictures in a white summer dress. Happily she agreed. The best thing about the location: It lies directly in Vienna (Schilfweg, 22nd district) and you can reach it via public transport.

I really hoped that we would get a lovely sunset but big clouds started covering the sky in the evening. So how do you get that sunset mood anyhow?? Grab your speedlight and put an orange gel on it! If you are lucky you got a human lightstand like me, too. ;)

behind the scenes shot of a portrait shoot in a wild poppies field, girl with white summer dress, flowers

Model: Laura H.
Assistant: Viola H.

Here are the results (all images except two were only edited in Lightroom)…