A couple of weeks ago I did a test shoot with young model Camille. At some point I asked an elder lady who passed by if she could blow some wind in Camille’s face with a reflector I handed to her. The result was not particularly great but hey, I included it in the gallery below anyhow. As this was a test and I am short on time the only thing I did was some Lightroom adjustments. No Photoshop was used to alter the images. I actually prefer natural unaltered images these days. We all got some flaws and it is good to embrace them and not try to make them go away with any means possible. Stay true to yourself!

Result wise some things can definitely be improved next time but all in all I got to say that for what little time we spent together I am happy with the outcome. I definitely had a fun morning and I am looking forward to working with Camille again!