The mountain calls… In the north of Styria lies Mount Hochschwab. This wonderful mountainscape is home to tons of animals like groundhogs, chamoises and alpine ibexes. Quite some time ago I grabbed my camera (with way too much additional gear) and made my way to the top to bring you folks some amazing photos and a short video clip (only in German).

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I hope you enjoy the mountain and animal photos as much as I enjoyed hiking up Hochschwab. If you like a good hike this one is a must and as spring time is approaching you better get your hiking shoes out of the basement. I definitely recommend an overnight stay at the Schiestlhaus close to the top of the mountain. Oh by the way, I also made a virtual tour for you to enjoy:

Panorama tour of Hochschwab

Here are the images taken at Hochschwab Mountains: