Three years ago my girlfriend and I took a trip to Cres, Croatia. I have never edited the pictures I took during that trip. As I am preparing yet another camping trip – this time all the way North to Norway – I thought I post some of my Croatia pictures to get them finally off my ToDo list.

The ride South to Cres from Vienna is not too long and only takes about seven and a half hours. Unfortunately the AC in my car was broken so it was a hot and sweaty ride… We managed to catch the ferry from Krk to Cres on time and the wind from the seaside brought us some long overdue refreshment.

As I am a fan of quiet and not overrun campsites we chose Camping Slatina as our home base on the island. It is a beautiful place in midst of pine trees. Equipped with two hammocks it was just perfect for us. Another great thing: Lights were switched off at 10 pm at the campsite. There is only a small village nearby which means low light pollution and a great view of the milkyway. If you are a stargazer like me you will love this fact.

Oh, I almost forgot another plus (at least for me): like in most places in Croatia there were nudist beaches here, too – i.e. fewer people and complete personal freedom.

Despite a couple of rainy days the weather was great most of the time. I used the occasion to get some shots of the surrounding area. This short video gives you some impressions of this beautiful place:

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Next to our mostly relaxing main activities (eating, swimming, snorkeling and stargazing) we also managed to do small trips to Cres (the main town on the island with the same name) and Losinj.

Cres is a lovely town with plenty of restaurants and Cafés hidden in tiny back alleys. You can get great, fresh seafood next to the harbour for little money. Just explore the place and stroll around to get a feel of it. If you know me a little then you sure know that I am a fan of detail shots. That’s why I added some in the following gallery.

As written above, another day trip took us to the island Losinj. Cres and Losinj were once one but the Romans decided (about two thousand years ago) to build a canal in between to speed up the travel time in the Mediterranean. So nowadays they are two separate islands connected by a short bridge. After visiting Mali Losinj we headed to the very south of the island. There a small footpath leads from the top of a hill all the way down to an awesome bay. The only way to reach it is by foot or by boat.

Btw: If you continue the journey through the woods you will be rewarded with delicious food. At the end of the path is a small tavern called Restoran Balvanida that serves fish and lamb dishes. I never had better lamb meat before. I guess that’s mainly because they breed and nurture the animals themselves on their small farm which surrounds the tavern. Definitely a must try!