After moving Steffi’s stuff out of her apartment and spreading it on locations all over Vienna (one of them was my cellar) Linda was already waiting in front of my door. She contacted me after seeing Katrin’s photos because she wanted some nice pictures for her boyfriend. One quick Pizza and a short shower later I was ready for the shooting… (Sorry for the delay Linda!)

At first we did some shots in my studio/flat with black background and 2 lights with softboxes. Steffi was sitting on the floor and laughing her ass off in the meanwhile. (“Die Haare, die Haare!!!”) ;)

After carrying Steffi’s stuff downstairs the whole morning, I figured out that the basement would be a really neat location for a shoot. Well,… So I put on a magic square softbox onto my strobe and we went downstairs. Steffi became my official human light stand. :D