Last week friends and I were at the Fête Blanche Party in Pörtschach. It was really nice except the over-the-top-prices on drinks and the heavy rain which started after midnight…

Gogo dancers in Pörtschach

Young lady from Klagenfurt

A nice back :)

Hmmm… Who said Cosa Nostra?! :D

Went on stage and took some photos from there:

Nice view from stage

DJ @ Work

How to make Swedish girls drunk

Party crowd

Gogo dancer again

Hot Hot Heat

Lead singer

Piano player

Alex and me

Another gogo

At about half past 1 am the rain started…

Side-effect of the rain: “The Big Strip Down”

Wet bridesmaids

Tired people on the night bus heading back to Klagenfurt

The ride home was really, well let’s call it “funny”: All my clothes were totally wet and my flash didn’t work anymore. But after opening the battery tray and letting it dry over night everything was fine again.

That’s all for today!