This is going to be a huuuuge entry! Today were plenary meetings of all universities in whole Austria because of their financial crisis. Sadly but true they ran out of money because politics in Austria is to stupid to figure out that knowledge is the greatest good for every society.

After the plenary meetings which were held in every university a demonstration was planned. People gathered at their universities and went to the parliament house. There all “sub-demonstrations” joined to build one big mob for the final march.

Enough explanations, let’s see (a lot of) photos:

At the very beginning of the demonstration I chatted with a guy (I forgot his name) who always hopes that some cars are set on fire during a demo like in France… well, no comment… At least he has a nice smile:

I love this bag. It states: “Monolingualism is curable”

Written on the balloon: “My dream: More space”

Demo gathering in front of the parliament:

“We couldn’t affort a bigger one!”

The banner states “freedom instead of fear”:

Education is a human right!

The Austrian flag was waving above the heads of thousands of protesters on top of the parliament with a beautiful sunset behind it. I’m glad to live in a country where free speech is not a crime!

A group of protesters with drums performing marching rhythms – they were pretty good actually.

A student from the medical university painted his face: No money for education -> no young doctors -> death without healthcare.

My dream:           …