My last stop in Argentina was Puerto Iguazú. I found a great hostel with lovely people. Eddie, the barkeeper mixes perfect drinks and does amazing BBQs with 900g steaks every night.

The Iguazu River marks the border between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

The area is known world-wide for its waterfalls. The Iguazu River flows down  the Paraná Plateau. The height difference produces up to 300 waterfalls of all sizes. The last time I saw so many waterfalls was in Laos but at a totally different scale. The area with the most water flowing through is called the Devil’s Throat. Once you have seen it you know why…

I visited both the Argentinian and the Brazilian side and I have to say that I like the Argentinian side better. (I guess that’s what everybody says who saw both sides.) One thing I don’t want to miss though is the bird park at the Brazilian side. You can get up close with all those colourful birds that you probably just know from zoos back home. The park is built in a forest and the bird can move around quite freely which makes it an even greater experience. They are not shy at all what gave me the opportunity to take some great shots.

A special thanks goes out to the wonderful people I met: Andreas, Florence, Bryony, Lee, Suzie, Eddie and everyone else.