Two weeks ago I shot the beautiful model Lisa in my new studio in Lower Austria. Aruni created a wonderful rainbow color make-up with appliances for this shooting. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I used a big beauty dish for the studio shots with 2 more lights from the side/behind (one with a blue, the other with a red gel). Here is a lighting diagram:

After a while we went outside to capture a couple more images in the fields close by. It was quite cold but Lisa mastered the situation bravely. We pulled off some pretty amazing shots. Finally the clouds opened up and allowed the sun to shine through for a short amount of time. I used my SB910 speedlight with a small softbox on a lightstand to make Lisa pop from the background.

For the levitation shot we used a bar stool on a platform which was removed in post. Click on the image below to see a before and after:

Levitation Before/After

Model: Lisa Haselberger (Natural Women)
MUA: Aruni Pourmodjib