After Cuba our next goal was Peru, one of the tourist hot spots in South America. My friends and I started in Lima where the ever-present grey sky lies over the city like a carpet. After a couple of days doing sightseeing in the city it was about time to move on. We needed to see the sun again!

Off we went to Huacachina. A little oasis surrounded by high sand dunes. The perfect environment to drive around in dune buggies and go sand boarding. Having a drink at the bar in a neighbouring hostel we met a famous Peruvian pop group called Agua Bella. They were filming their new music video in Huacachina and asked me, if I could take some pictures for them. No reflectors, no flashes, just natural light and a not-so-good location. Still pulled it off. Quick and dirty I’d like to say.

Disregarding the safety risks we boarded an old, small and shaky plane to see the Nazca Lines from above. An incredible experience worth the money and the hours of waiting at the airport. After a long bus ride through twisting roads, our journey took us to Cuzco. A literally breathtaking city thanks to the high altitude. Cuzco was the starting point for the 5 day hiking trip to Machu Picchu. We chose to do the more challenging Salkantay Trek, instead of the Inka Trail, which led us over an almost 5000 meter high mountain pass. Cold nights in tents, tons of mosquitos and sharing a shower with chicken (don’t ask) was as well part of the experience as hot springs, a crazy night out with our guide and new friends we made along the way.

Our last stops in Peru were Arequipa, the close by Colca Valley, Puno and last but not least some islands on the Titicaca lake. As pictures say more than a thousand words, here we go… Enjoy!