Bolivia, South America’s poorest country, is so diverse. You got jungle, deserts and of course the Andes with its high peeks and deep descents.

If you like outdoor activities Bolivia offers a wide range to a very cheap price. We did so much (at times risky) stuff that I was afraid to tell my mum. Ah what the heck… It was so much fun, exhausting and exciting at the same time. I would definitely do these things again:

  • Hiking on Isla del Sol at Lake Titicaca
  • Quad biking in the Moon Valley
  • House running in La Paz
  • Down hill biking the infamous Death Road
  • Ice climbing and mountaineering up to the peak of Huayna Potosí (6088m)
  • Swimming with river dolphins (and piranhas & alligators) in the Amazon region
  • Exploring the former silver mines deep under the surface of Potosí (they still count to the deadliest mines worldwide) – this also included buying explosives at the market and blowing things up…
  • Crossing the salt lake/desert Salar de Uyuni to Chile with its colorful lagoons and flamingos.

One of the most bizarre things I ever experienced was the Cholitas Wrestling in La Paz. Women with their traditional skirts wrestle against all kind of super hero/villain styled men. Local people go crazy and you feel the excitement that impregnates the air in every pore of your body. You gotta see this to believe it.

If you like to go there be aware that most towns and interesting places are 3400 m or more above sea level. A lot of people cannot cope with the high altitude and even if you are young you will feel the low oxygen at every step.

Once again I met so many interesting people during our time in Bolivia. This post is for all of them but especially goes to Barby and Uli with whom I spent countless hours. We shared our stories, we cried and we laughed together. I love you chicas!