Coming from Bolivia we made our way through the north of Argentina. Short stops in Salta and Córdoba introduced us to the Argentinian way of life. So by the time we made it to Buenos Aires we already knew that eating dinner at 2am is nothing special. In the metropolis that never sleeps you can party all week long no matter what time it is.

La Boca, one of the most touristic areas in BA, is packed with street artists, tango dancers and restaurants. Graffiti and colourful houses span all over the place and give La Boca, home to the famous soccer team, its bohemian charm.

A couple of hours north of Buenos Aires lies Lujan. It is famous for only one thing, its zoo where you can pet lions and tigers. Due to growing up with dogs these wild animals adopt their behaviour and you can get up and close with them. As I don’t like animals being caged on small space I was in a bit of a cleavage. But curiosity won and I have to admit that petting those huge cats was one of my personal highlights of the last year.

In the wine region of Mendoza my taste buds got enlightened with some of Argentina’s finest wines as well as with organic food from the surrounding area. Delicious!

This post is missing two major things: Argentina’s south, i.e. Patagonia, and the Iguazú Falls in the north-east of the country. These topics will be handled in extra posts as they span over Argentina’s borders to Chile (Patagonia) and Brazil (Iguazú Falls).